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How do you value a tooth?

How much is each one of your teeth worth to you? Today there are a plethora of websites which will guide you on the price of many different things – houses, cars, clothes, utilities, food, household goods. You name it, the online price comparison site or shopping experience is there for you. You can even determine the cost of frames for your spectacles. But teeth are a different matter entirely.


I was very interested when I saw that the British Endodontic Society had carried out a survey of dentists. The survey found that 98% of dentists had experienced patients opting not to undergo root canal treatment, 42% because they felt it was too expensive. The only remedy for patients in this situation would be an extraction. I know that some patients, if the tooth is a molar, they are happy to have an extraction and a gap. Others are probably thinking that they will fill the gap that’s left behind with an implant. Ironically, the cost of replacing a missing tooth with an implant can be much higher than a root canal treatment.


When a patient has a root canal treatment carried out by me for the first time they are delighted that it isn’t the terrible experience they were anticipating. I use the Wand for delivering a local anaesthetic and this makes the treatment pain free.  They are also struck by how complex the procedure is. Once they have experienced two hours of my time, my dental nurse’s time and seen the equipment I use, they have an appreciation for the value of the dentistry that has saved the tooth.


If you are still trying to answer my question about the price you would put on a tooth, feel free to check out this website: www.savingteeth.co.uk

You may not be able to put a price on your tooth, but you will understand its value!

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