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Pulp redevelopment no longer a fiction

Regnerative endodontics has recently entered the topical mainstream. I predict that we are going to hear a lot more about this procedure which allows healthy pulp tissue to regenerate, thus avoiding definitive endodontic treatment.


In addition to the press release we have disseminated, there have been no fewer than two articles in the Daily Mail. The most recent was by David Hurst who interviewed the mother of a young patient of mine.


The previous one was much earlier in 2013 with the headline:” New op to dodge dreaded root canal treatment. I am delighted that Roger Dobson, the article’s author, picked up on the issue although for many patients, root canal treatment is no longer “dreaded” thanks to new techniques and advanced pain relief.


However, in his rush to praise regenerative endodontics, Dobson failed to emphasise it is only for young children.  But The Daily Mail at least introduced the subject of regenerative endodontics and parents  have started asking about it for their children.


It can be completed in only 2 visits, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. It stimulates root end closure over time but, more importantly, root development continues to occur which narrows down the root canal space, maintaining the natural strength of the tooth. David Hurst explained this well in his article in the Daily Mail.


The aspect of the procedure which captures the imagination, I believe,  is that regenerative endodontics harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms. How exciting that the re-growth of healthy pulp can lead to the normal and healthy development of the damaged teeth of our young patients without the need for root canal treatment.


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