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The confusing nature of pain

One of the challenges we routinely face is identifying the source of  the pain or discomfort the patient is experiencing. Most patients and indeed many dentists perceive that any head and neck pain indicates the need for root treatment. Just recently, Trevor saw a patient who was convinced that she needed root canal treatment. Trevor had previously seen the patient for a root filling on the other side of her mouth so she asked her dentist to refer to Trevor again. Endodontists are trained to diagnose the cause of pain.  On this occasion the pain was not dental-related at all but caused by muscle pain which can be associated with a clenching, grinding teeth habit and sometimes is stress related. Trevor advised the patient on the steps she needed to take to eliminate the discomfort which were minimal compared to having a root treatment. The patient was so delighted she went to the website of the Saving Teeth Awareness Campaign and left the following message:

“My first visit to Trevor Lamb was one of the best things I had ever done. He saved my tooth which was badly done previously. Trevor sorted my tooth infection – he had this fantastic equipment and his micro-techniques surgery is first rated and my tooth is saved. He also diagnosed my facial stress on my left face and advised me on what to do. This has made a difference to the jaw pain which I was suffering for the last 6 months. I am so impressed with Trevor Lamb and would like to thank him for saving my tooth and the advice he gave me on my facial stress. To me he is my Hero for saving my tooth. So the campaign is very important indeed.”



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